HSH Princess Ede Sapieha-Różańska

HE Shaikh Rashid Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa-no text


Artist’s Statement

Art has always been present in my life in many ways. The first event was a prize in a drawing competition organized by the school when I was eight. During the primary and secondary school, I was always successful in matters that required creativity and imagination. Important was also a course of direction , production and editing on super-8 movies called GRIFE , a renowned and established Cinema School in Brazil at the time.

Admission to the School of Fine Arts at the “Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado – São Paulo – Brazil”, was a natural step. Interest in design and forms of artistic expression led me to search multiple paths . One of the interesting work experience, was to make micro sculptures in wax to be used as cast form and made into jewelry, that led me to be more interested in sculpture.

With the move from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, I transferred to the Art Studies course at the “Faculdade da Cidade” of Visual Communication and Industrial Design in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. At this time, I started working and getting interested by the fashion world . After I completed the Art Studies course, I decided to start a Styling course at “Industry Technology Center of Chemical and Textile – SENAI”, but never leaving aside other activities related to the fine arts .

I began to have sculpture class with the master Claudio Aun and we organized a workshop on clay at Eco 92, that happened in 1992 by the United Nations.

Always working with fashion, I continued as a stylist and organizing fashion shows in Rio de Janeiro.

In 1993, I made an exhibition of sculptures in a different style than the one I was used to make. I always used classic style and made sculptures in Bronze. At this exhibition, I wored with aluminum, polyester resin and automotive paint, and used a more contemporan style .

In 1994, I started working with paint on my fashion collections. Also painted leather for shoes and bags. All this fashion work was used in costumes advice for theater , cinema and TV.

I started to organize my move to Warsaw – Poland, in 2000. During this time of transition, I made a series of collage works using painting, daguerreotypes and old photos. This series was exhibited at “Zurawno Club” in a polo championship sponsored by the Embassy of Brazil in Warsaw, where I recently started to work.

During my time working at the Brazilian embassy, while not painting, I never stopped being involved with art.

I arranged the participation of Brazil at a charity ball organized by ExAnimo Foundation (Poland), including donating a painting made especially for the event and auctioned. Frequently donating art work to the ExAnimo Foundation for auction.

In 2007, I made an installation “100 paintings in 50 pillows ” at Miedzy Nami Cafe, in Warsaw – Poland. I also made furniture painting.

In 2008, I arranged and organized the participation of Brazil in the now “T-Mobile Nowe Horizont Film Festiwal”, in Wroclaw – Poland, with Urszula Groska Productions, displaying 38 Brazilian films.

In 2009, I exposed my collage work collection at the “Jola Czajka Gallery” in Warsaw, Poland.

With the end of my work at the Embassy, I spent a season in the US, where I returned to paintbrushes and decided to fully devote myself to my passion for art.

In addition to my art work, I have been working with Interior Design since 2010 having completed remodeled and redecorated 5 houses in Poland, Brazil and US.