HE Sheikh Dr Hassan bin Mohammed bin Ali Al Thani (Qatar)



Curriculum Vitae

His Excellency Sheikh Hassan Bin Mohammed Al-Thani State of Qatar

Founder of:

Modern Arab Art Museum (Mat’haf) – Qatar 1996.
Oriental Artist Museum – Qatar 1996.
Weaponry Museum – Qatar 1993.
Arab and Islamic Heritage Library – 1989.
Qatar Art Centre
Hassan bin Mohammed Centre for Historical Studies
Advisor of Cultural Affairs
Qatar Foundation
For education, Science and community development.

Other Designations:

2015 – Current
Board Member for Qatar National Library.
Location: Qatar Foundation
1988 – Current
Historical Researcher at the Department of documents and research at
the Amiri Office.
Location: Diwan Amiri


2005 – Ph.D in Arts (History).
Topic: Historical evolution of Modern Qatar 1811-1871
Ain Shams University – Cairo, Egypt.
1997 – Master Degree in Arts (History)
Topic: “Roots of modern Qatar 1650 – 1811”
Zakaziq University – Cairo, Egypt.
1987 – Bachelor in History – Qatar University – Doha, Qatar

Organized and supervised many artistic events, including:

Exhibition: “A Vision of Yemen” – Paris 2006, Photographs of Yemen by Hassan Al-Thani, Book published by SKIRA.

Exhibition: “One Hundred Year of Arab Modern Art” Al Sharjah – November 2000. Lecture on “the History of Arabian Art”.

Exhibition: “Arabesque’s Art” – Doha – 2003

Exhibition: “Oriental painters” – Doha – November 2004

Lecture on “the Museums of Qatar at Louver museum” in Paris to be delivered on the occasion of the “Islamic Art

Exhibition on March 2006 in Paris, France.

Exhibition: “Arab & Islamic Art at the Museum of Applied Arts” in Frankfurt, Germany in October 2004.

Public Art project:

“Malwiya 2008” 12meter Bronze Sculpture – Carnegie Melon University School of Business Studies – Qatar.

“Yemen Cube 2015 ”Art Installation – Mat’haf Arab Museum of Modern Art – Qatar.

Other Achievements:

Carried out research for a number of years on Modern Arab art in various countries.

Produced ten volumes of Photographic collections consisting of various Arab and African countries.

Publish extensive collection of literature and photographic publications on Yemen Historical and architectural sites.

Produced an additional collection on the manifestation of Yemeni Social Life.


Introduction: Catalogue for the “Arab Museum of Modern Art” (5 volumes), relating the history of the Arab Art by retracing the roots and inspirations that lead to the actual Arabic Modern Art.

Compilation and Reprint: Richard Temple’s views from the Gulf (British Naval officer who took important drawings during their campaign to combat the piracy in the Arabian Gulf Sea in 19th century. The book is the pictorial narration of their mission from Bombay to the Arabian Gulf).

Reprint: 17th century Ottoman historical map of the Gulf.

Compilation and Reprint: “Majmua’ al-Fadhail fiy fan al-nasab wa tarikh al-
qaba’il”, by Rashid bin Fadhil al-bin-Ali, 2000 (The Arab Gulf Genealogy – Al-
bin-ali, Sulaim, and al-Maadhid tribes).

Compilation and Reprint: “Sabaiq al-asjad”, by Othman bin Sanad, 2006 (The history of Ahmed bin Rizq).

Active Member of the following Groups:

• Honorary Chairman for GGC Artist Group.

• Member of the Gulf Historian Committee.

• Honorary Chairman for Qatari Photographers Group.

• Honorary Chairperson Friends of Environment.


House of Thani:

Sheikh Dr Hassan bin Mohammed bin Ali Al Thani: