HE doña Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada y Sentmenat

HE doña Ágatha Ruíz de la Prada y Sentmenat


Curriculum Vitae

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada (Madrid 1960) studied in the Escuela de Artes y Técnicas de la Moda of Barcelona. At 20, she began working as an intern in the studio of designer Pepe Rubio in Madrid. A year later, she presented her first collection in Madrid at the design centre LOCAL and ever since her designs have been shown in the international capitals of fashion: Paris, Milan, Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona.
Ágatha has been a guest of honour and a representative of Spanish fashion on the main catwalks of Albania, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Slovakia, The United States, France, Gambia, Georgia, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan.

The collections of the following fashion shows stand out:
Tribute to Cristóbal Balenciaga. Museo San Telmo, San Sebastián. (1987)
Unfinished dresses. Berlin and Madrid. (1989)
Expo ’90. Tribute to Sean Scully. Osaka, Japan. (1990)
Fashion Cantata: Lady from Spain. Kyoto, Japan. (1992)
Museum of Modern Art, Paris. (1994)
Tribute to Chillida, The Reina Sofia Museum. (1996)
ABSOLUT Ruiz de la Prada. Madrid, Stockholm, Miami and Punta del Este. (1996-1998)
The Canary Islands, a paradise of flowers, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris. (1998)
International Women’s Day, Hôtel de Ville, Paris. (2003)
Tribute the Meninas of Velázquez, Milan Fashion Week. (2008)
Tribute to Surrealism, Milan Fashion Week. (2009)
Retrospective Agatha vs. Agatha. Madrid & Equador (2012) & Gambia (2013).
Retrospective Las autochicas, MBFW, Madrid. (2013)
Retrospective of prints and patterns. MBFW, Madrid. (2014)

Ágatha’s designs have become a true medium of artistic expression. During her first years as a designer she began displaying some of her master pieces in galleries and museums in different cities of Spain, France, Italy, US, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Colombia, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong… In 2014 and 2015, she presented a new retrospective exhibition in different countries of Latin America.
Since 1986, the company collaborated with more than 100 fashion accessory licences. Ceramic coatings, bed and house linens, books, accessories for pets, perfumes and stationery are examples of the many products distributed through Agatha’s flagships stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, New York, Oporto, her online store, as well as a number of multi-brand stores present in over more than 150 countries.
Due to her collaborations with different companies and official organisms, Agatha has designed uniforms, wardrobes, set designs for theatre, opera and dance performances, Christmas lights, children’s parks, urban furniture, theme parks, murals, gardens, restaurants, posters for events, cars etc.
In 2011, the Ágatha Ruíz de la Prada Foundation was constituted, conserving an important representation of Agatha’s progression during her past thirty years of history in the world of fashion and creativity, with the purpose of classifying and diffusing her impressive documentary legacy.

GSM of Alcatel Award for the most audacious communication. (1996)
International Award of Ecology Delta D’Oro. Ferrara, Italy. (1997)
Laurel de Oro Award for the trajectory and presence in the fashion sector. España. (1998)
3 FIFI Awards for the female fragrance AGUA: best fragrance, best packaging and best
communication. (2003)
Keys of the city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. (2004)
La Kore, Oscar of Fashion. International Stylist. (2004)
2 FIFI awards for the male fragrance LIO: best packaging and best advertising campaign. (2005)
FIFI award for best communication for the perfume IMAGINA. (2006)
Special award T de Telva for her trajectory in the world of fashion. (2006)
Award Colombia is Passion, Colombia. (2007)
New Yorker of the Year. Spain US Chamber of Commerce. New York. (2007)
V Award Top Glamour for best Spanish designer of the year. (2007)
Prix of Fashion of the magazine Marie Claire for the best professional trajectory. (2007)
Kapital Award 2008. Best designer.
Perséfone.Award. Club de los Medios. Gala Aniversario 2008.
Gold Delantal, Award for the Arts. Madrid Fusión. (2008)
Award for business excellence. Government of Aragón. Zaragoza. (2008)
Max Leones award for scenery arts. Best designer. Madrid. (2008)
Award for the best international designer 2009. Miami Fashion Week.
Ambassador of Fashion 2009. Sevilla.
Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts. Santander. Spain. (2009)
Antena de Oro Award 2008 for her trajectory in the fashion world.
Award Golden Thread of Honour. Designer of the year. Lodz, Poland. (2009)
Distinguished guest of the city of Santiago of Chile. (2009)
Guest of honour in the city of Buenos Aires. (2009)
Expomoda award for international trajectory. Miami, U.S.A (2010)
Women Together award in recognition of her professional trajectory linked to women’s rights. New York. (2010)
Dedication to Fashion award. Seville. (2010)
CECOMA award for business innovation. Madrid. (2010)
Lorenzo El Magnífico award. Florence Biennale. Italy. (2011)
Diálogo award of the Association of Hispanic-French Relations with Jean Paul Gaultier. (2013)
Dedal de Oro award for best designer. Madrid. (2013)
ACOTEX awards 2013. Best designer. Madrid. (2013)
AET Award for Commitment towards HIV. Madrid. (2013)
Serbia Fashion Week award. (2014)
Designer of the Year award. Miami Fashion Week. (2014)
Tendencias award for Best Designer. Valencia. (2014)
Corazon Award for professional trajectory. Gala Starlite. Marbella. (2014)
Honorary Guest of Barranquilla. Colombia. (2015).
Pata Negra Award. Madrid. (2015).
Escaparate Award. Seville. (2015).
Honorary Ambassador Award. 25th Aniversary SICAB. Seville. (2015)
Puente awards 2015. American Club of Madrid (2015)





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